PERC & IVA Promote VueCare Media as Best Solution for Patient Education

PERC & IVA Promote VueCare Media as Best Solution for Patient Education

PERC & IVA Promote VueCare Media as Best Solution for Patient Education

West Covina, CA and Columbia, MD – November 2015 – PERC and IVA, nationwide group purchasing organizations, are proud to announce VueCare Media as their chosen vendor for digital patient education and practice marketing. Members will now have a variety of exceptional solutions to increase practice revenue, quickly educate patients, and reduce exam chair time.

We are honored to be partnered with groups that hold such high standards for patient care and customer service.  PERC and IVA provide outstanding resources to their members, and now industry-leading patient education will be readily available as well.

- Shiva Ghahremani, VueCare Media CEO

VueCare provides multiple solutions that providers can use to educate patients on complex conditions, treatments, and product options. The VueSimulator’s easy-to-use interactive software uses sophisticated 3D simulations and videos to simplify exam room visits. The VueLibrary embeds videos on practice websites to communicate with patients beyond the office visit and optimize the online experience. Lastly, the EyeChannel TV provides practice marketing in the form of completely customizable digital signage for the waiting room.

PERC and IVA are excited to about our new partnership with VueCare Media as it will bring a solution to our membership for their patient education and practice marketing needs.

- Jessica Hall, Vice-President of Operations at PERC

Since forming a strategic partnership, PERC and IVA have been able to negotiate significant discounts unattainable by the private practitioner with most of the leading suppliers of eye care products. With over 4,000 doctors located throughout 48 states, its members represent an elite group of eye care practitioners whose revenue, quality of patient care and customer service far exceed industry averages.

About PERC

PERC is the only Group Purchasing Organization dedicated to serving the most successful independent eye care practices in the United States. By aligning with leading vendors within the industry, PERC presents a unique opportunity for their members to achieve premier cost savings, efficiency and education. As a nationwide group, PERC’s mission is to build tools, deliver products and services and inform members in ways that would not be practical or even possible, as an independent ECP.

About IVA

Infinity Vision Alliance, or IVA, is a nationwide group purchasing organization comprised of the most successful independent eyecare practices in the United States. IVA was developed to allow the Eye Care Professional, regardless of the size of their practice, the ability to compete financially on an even playing field with commercial eye care.

About VueCare Media

VueCare Media provides eye care professionals faster, simpler and more complete digital patient education and practice marketing tools. VueCare’s interactive software and sophisticated media platforms reinforce practice messaging, continuing communication beyond the office to the patient’s home. Customized and turn-key technologies, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the industry and pride in customer service, have made VueCare Media an asset for practice efficiency. To learn more, contact VueCare Media at 410-309-0404, email [email protected] or visit