VueSimulator (PC/Mac/iPad)

VueSimulator (PC/Mac/iPad)

A software for your exam lanes or optical boutique that uses interactive animations with videos to educate patients, and upsell your products and procedures

The VueSimulator software provides sophisticated animations, graphics and videos that mimic conditions and treatment options in one visually stunning, and easy to use all-inclusive package.

Reduce Exam Chair Time
Easy to Use and Understand

Enhance Patient Experience
Maximize Revenue Per Patient Visit

Vue Demo

VueSimulator Key Features

Superior Graphics

These visuals say 1,000 words for you. The VueSimulator’s graphics are strategically focused on translating words into premium surgery and optical sales activity. Our program is distinctly designed to help you spend less time persuading, and more time converting.

Dynamic Timeline

The power of anatomy and pathology is in your hands. Control the progression of eye health to simply visualize the effects of eye conditions, and highlight benefits of recommended treatments.

Pathology Summary

As you glide through the conditions and treatments, descriptive phrases of the patient’s eye health progression will display at the top of the screen. All users can now provide patients with accurate information while minimizing error.

3D Eye Diagram

Ditch the plastic eye model. The Simulator is equipped with an interactive eye diagram that provides a more in-depth scope.

Drawing Tools

Use your mouse as a digital pen to enhance talking points and highlight areas of focus.

Web-Based Home

We utilize the power of the internet to deliver easy access to your favorite simulations and videos any time, anywhere.

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